Prestige Chocolates

Chocolat Général Guisan

Diligently hand-crafted and decorated only by the best and most experienced Swiss chocolatiers, the Chocolat Géneral Guisan Prestige Chocolates make a statement.

Paired with our excellent and attentive service, we bring the luxury experience right to you.

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Fine & Responsible Ingredients

The fine ingredients are sourced from responsible and sustainable sources. Cocoa comes from farms in Ghana, Bolivia and Ecuador that are even above fair trade standards. For more information on how the cocoa we use in our products is sourced, please consult the Felchlin Website.

As the natural and authentic taste is of utmost importance to us, you won’t find preservatives or artificial flavour enhancers in our creations.


The prestige chocolates are almond shaped and made out of white chocolate, covered with 24k leaf gold and decorated with fine patterns made out of dark chocolate on top. The fillings range from seasonal fruity flavours like mango, passionfruit or raspberry to special editions with champagne.

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The Story

As a brand, we’re proud of our and our product’s story. We like to share this story with you in our beautifully illustrated high-quality booklet, that comes with your order.


We produce just one box per week to ensure absolute perfection. Each box we deliver comes with a card indicating the number of your exclusive edition.

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We take the relationship we have with our clients very seriously and do everything to personalise every interaction we have with them. Be it in person, over the phone, via email or the old-fashioned way.

Attention to detail is important for luxury. We like to go out of our way to perfect the experience for our clients and thrive on their constructive and honest feedback.


What makes us so unique is our approach to modern luxury.

Our philosophy is that many luxury brands have taken a wrong approach to digitalisation. A simple online store comes nowhere close to visiting a boutique, which in turn is restricted to certain locations. Our approach is to bring the luxury experience directly to our clients, wherever they may be. This also ensures our creations reach our clients fresh and in excellent condition.

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